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Maximo Power Springs

Maximo power springs are used whenever a constant force and many load changes are necessary:






Seat belts

KERN-LIEBERS has produced more than 3.1 bill. seat belt springs up to now. In this application they achieve a service life of more than 100,000 cycles.

KERN-LIEBERS for your safety!


Luggage covers

KERN-LIEBERS is your specialist for customized solutions. For the automotive interior we produce power springs for luggage covers and side window shutter systems.
KERN-LIEBERS for your comfort!







Cable retractors  

The majority of all vacuum cleaners with cable retractors worldwide are operated with KERN-LIEBERS springs.

KERN-LIEBERS puts things in order!


Dog leashes

Dog leashes with long life and high reliability are provided with KERN-LIEBERS springs.


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