Flat parts, needles and machine parts for textile machines

Under the banner KERN-LIEBERS TEXTILE, a range of our companies manufacture sinkers, needles, assemblies, pin plates, pinned rollers and combing products for the international textile machine engineering and textile industries.


Weft knitting

Components for knitting systems. 
Sinkers, needles and assemblies
for circular and flat bed knitting machines.




Warp knitting

Components for warp knitting systems.
Sinkers, needles and assemblies for warp knitting, Raschel, Crochet and weaving machines.
Combs for wool and cotton combing machines.


Warp knitting Malimo

Components for warp knitting systems. 
Cranked sliding needles, guide needles, 
closing wires and units for warp knitting 
and Raschel machines. 



Pinned parts

Pinned parts. 
Pin plates, 
pinned rollers 
and comb bars.