The right material for every spring!

Our extensive work in developing technical flat springs enabled us, in cooperation with our material suppliers, to develop steel strips that are specially modified for spring production.


Processed materials:

Primaflex 75: Textured rolled carbon steel with approx. 0.8% C
Thicknesses from 0.10 - 1.00 mm
Primaflex 80: Textured rolled carbon steel
Similar to DIN 1.1525 (C80U)
Thicknesses from 0.10 -0.65 mm
Primaflex 90: Textured rolled carbon steel
Similar to DIN EN 1.1269 (C85S)
Thicknesses from 0.26 -0.80 mm
Superflex work-hardened, austenitic, stainless flat spring steel
with special analysis under DIN EN 10151 with material no. 1.4310
Thicknesses from 0.05 -1.30 mm


We also produce springs made of all common steel strips.